Colloquia & Workshops

Invited Colloquia

  • Classrooms of possibility: working with refugee students in mainstream classes convened by Jenny Hammond (University of Technology, Sydney)

  • Crossing disciplinary boundaries: challenges to ESP/LSP assessment convened by Catherine Elder (University of Melbourne). Sponsored by ALTAANZ

  • Discourse analysis in the real world: critiquing and challenging normative practices convened by Shoshana Dreyfus (University of Wollongong)

Invited Workshops

  • Enacting dialogic pedagogy in school classrooms: insights from educational linguistics Pauline Jones (University of Wollongong), Alyson Simpson (SydU), Anne Thwaite (ECU)

  • Investigating test preparation practices: Reducing risks: Phil Chappell, Phil Benson, Lynda Yates (Macquarie University). Sponsored by IELTS IDP Australia

  • Intercultural teaching: Michelle Kohler (Flinders University)


Pre-conference Postgraduate Workshops

We are pleased to announce that the ALAA will offer two free pre-conference postgraduate workshops to participating postgraduate students:

ALAA 2018

ALAA 2018